Tracer has one reason for existence – to meet or exceed the needs of our customers. Adherence to the following core values will ensure we accomplish this on a daily basis.

Core Values:

Our Place in Tracer – we warmly embrace the values that bind together a family, many of which are detailed below as part of our culture.   We also recognize that we have been asked to be at Tracer for the knowledge, skills or the potential contribution we bring to the company. Therefore we also embrace the concept that Tracer is a business and that unlike a family, which doesn’t have to produce anything to exist, Tracer must add or create a value for its customers – a value which customers are willing to pay for – or our Tracer family will cease to exist.

Communication – we seek to understand first, and then to be understood. We do this always with respect and calmness, even under stress.  We actively practice diplomacy and tact by saying what we mean, meaning what we say, and not saying it mean.  We will be clear in our expectations of others and strive to make those expectations known – the alternative creates resentment and discord. We will not promise either to our customers or to each other that which we cannot confidently deliver. Instead we will communicate and promise that which we are confident about – and then try to do better for personal or business achievements, such as the use of the SocialBoosting tools to improve business and products.

Judgment – we do whatever can be done to meet a specific need — while always keeping in mind the needs of our customer, our employees, and our owner.  This helps to ensure that the needs of the three key parts of Tracer — the customer, the employees and the owner — are kept in proportion and balance.

Passion – we care about the success of Tracer and demonstrate that by caring intensely about serving our customers, each other and the company as a whole.  “Can Do” balanced by judgment is a key guiding value and principle.

Honesty – we admit our mistakes and hold ourselves to a high standard while being easily forgiving of the mistakes of others.  However we will always question actions inconsistent with our values.

Cooperation and Selflessness – these two concepts are inseparable at Tracer.   In practice it means we share information, help and support and we actively encourage each other to succeed whenever possible.

Loyalty and Patience – these two concepts are inseparable at Tracer.  In practice it means that we recognize and accept that our customers, our company as a whole, our leadership and we ourselves will have ups and downs of many types — and despite those, we will remain steady and consistent in our positive support and actions.

Responsibility and Accountability — these two concepts are inseparable at Tracer.  In practice it means that while we desire freedom of choice in our work and daily actions, we know that we in turn must be self-motivated, not have to be told what to do and attempt to set the example – even when no-one else is looking.

Improvement – we believe that our culture and company, just like ourselves, should be under continuous review with the goal of improvement.  This improvement can take many different forms — suggestions, training, outside education and more. In addition to input, we will take our own initiative to pursue ways and means of improving both ourselves and Tracer as a whole.

Balance – there IS life and things of importance beyond Tracer and our work.   Just as we must take care of and achieve a proper balance between our physical, mental and spiritual selves, we must do the same with our place in Tracer and the other things that are important to us. Balance also means that our attitude and approach must be sustainable and sustain us as people.  This means that laughing, using humor in the face of adversity or challenge and simply having fun for its own sake are an important and essential part of our daily efforts at Tracer.